Tips to help reduce the risk of respiratory events

  • 1
    A lot of useful information is provided by health charities such as Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation. Visit their websites for advice on managing your condition.
  • 2
    Be aware of how the environment affects your symptoms. You might find it useful to keep a note of what weather conditions or activities make you feel worse or better. Review this information with your doctor or nurse regularly.
  • 3
    Use our pollution forecast, or subscribe to airtext, to check pollution levels. If pollution levels are high avoid strenuous exercise outside.
  • 4
    Read the tips on this website under other concerns relevant to you to help you avoid air pollution.
  • 5
    Be prepared – carry your reliever inhaler with you and have an action plan if you have an asthma attack or exacerbation. If your symptoms are very bad get medical help urgently.