Tips for helping those who live around you

  • 1
    Be aware of where pollution levels are highest in your local area. You can enter your postcode into our pollution mapping tool to see annual mean concentrations.
  • 2
    Discover what community groups exist in your area relevant to your interest and concern. These could be health-related, such as BreatheEasy or AsthmaUK, resident’s associations, faith groups, mother and baby groups etc.
  • 3
    If you belong to a community group, use the information on this website, and other sites providing air pollution information, to inform and empower your neighbourhood and improve its health. Read the projects to see what others have done, or enquire about Clean Air Champions in your borough.
  • 4
    Propose a project. While we can’t support individuals, we want to hear from community groups who have ideas for projects to increase awareness and reduce air pollution exposure in their neighbourhood.