Tips to make your urban walk or run healthier

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    Pollution levels close to busy roads can be many times higher than in parks and quieter streets. Pick a running/walking route that avoids traffic. It will be safer, quieter, more pleasant and better for your health. You could use our route planner to try out new routes.  
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    Pollution levels vary greatly by time of day and day of the week. Try and time your run to avoid the morning rush hour. The lowest levels during the day are usually around lunch time. Air quality is often significantly better on Sundays.
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    Some people with asthma and other respiratory conditions may find that they are affected by ozone pollution or ‘summertime smog’. If you find exercise more difficult on sunny days, avoid the afternoon and early evening, when ozone levels are highest.
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    You may wish to limit your exercise on particularly polluted days. Use the pollution forecast in much the same way you would a weather forecast, avoiding the worst of the weather and pollution. Our pollution forecast provides a text explanation of future pollution levels. You could also subscribe to Airtext.